Our Company. Our Values.

My great grandfather came the United States as an immigrant four generations ago. He build his business on his reputation of being a reliable and honest contractor. He used to complete projects for individuals who were not able to pay for his services with cash, but were open to a barter system.

Four generations later his sons then took over the company and passed it off to his grandchildren. A company with strong values, the foundation of the company is built on integrity and honesty and the pride of the company is the quality of the work that is delivered.

Anthony Masters has started his own company at an early age and brought the company to a new level. Doing both commercial and residential construction. From small projects such as a powder room to large projects on the waterfront in Long Branch, NJ.

We have a long history of work with our crew and also our suppliers. This ensure that we are able to deliver high quality work at the best possible price. And even during a time with supply chain disruptions.

We also have a habit of underpromising and overdelivering.

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